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    时间:2020-10-04 12:19:54 试题 我要投稿




      I 听力部分


      ( )1. A. peach B. tea C. jeans D. seat

      ( )2. A. beef B. sheep C. queen D. sleep

      ( )3. A. window B. yellow C. snow D. grow

      ( )4. A. bread B. brown C. library D. break

      ( )5. A. our B. mouth C. house D. mountain


      ( ) Mr. Wang

      ( ) She’s thin and nice.

      ( ) We have P.E. and math.

      ( ) Yes,there are.


      ( )1.What day is it tomorrow?

      A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday

      ( )2.When does Sarah often play ping-pong?

      A. On Friday B. On weekends C. On Sundays

      ( )3.What day is it today?

      A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Friday

      ( )4.What does not John have on Friday?

      A. Art B. English C. Social Studies

      ( )5.What does Sarah do on Sundays?

      A. She does her homework.

      B. She plays ping-pang

      C. She reads some books.


      ( )1.Kate is a new student.

      ( )2.Kate’s home is in England.

      ( )3.Her father is a doctor.

      ( )4.Her school is near her home.

      ( )5.There aren’t any lessons from Monday to Friday.

      II 笔试部分(60)


      ( )1.A.this B. that C. those D. think

      ( )2.A.teacher B. river C. her D. dinner

      ( )3.A.car B. short C. fork D. horse

      ( )4.A.how B. window C. yellow D. snow

      ( )5.A.clock B. come C. class D. clean


      A: B:

      curtain 垃圾箱 cook the meals 浇花

      trash bin 窗帘 water the flowers 扫地

      closet 衣橱 sweep the floor 打扫卧室

      mirror 床头柜 clean the bedroom 洗碗碟

      end table 镜子 do the dishes 做饭


      ( )1. Is she quiet? A. I do my homework.

      ( )2. What day is it today? B No, she is very active.

      ( )3. I dont like grapes. C. Its Tuesday.

      ( )4.Whos your English teacher? D. They are sour.

      ( )5.What do you on Sundays? E. Mr. Zhao.


      ( )1.________ there a path here?

      A. Be B. Is C. Are D. Am

      ( )2.Are there ________rivers in the country?

      A. many B. some C. any D./

      ( ) 3.Are there any ________in the mountain?

      A. panda B. pandas C. pandas D. pandas

      ( )4.This is a picture ________my family.

      A. of B. at C. in D. on

      ( )5.There ________a pencil and two pens in my pencils -case.

      A. is B. be C. are D. am

      ( )6.Is this ________ bedroom?

      A. you B. her C. yours D. me

      ( )7--Can you make the bed? --Sorry, I________.

      A. Can B. cant C. am D. dont

      ( )8.Please tell me ________your school.

      A. with B. of C. about D. /

      ( )9.--What do you ________for lunch today?

      --I have fish and cabbages.

      A. do B. does C. have D. has

      ( )10.I don’t like grapes. They re________.

      A. sour B. tasty C. sweet D. nice



      We________ English, Math on________.


      They often ________TV________ Saturdays.


      What would you ________for_______? Id like some ________and _______.


      Jim_________ __________the meals at home.


      1.you, can, use, computer, a?


      2.and, Come, look, my, curtains, at, new.


      3.there, a, forest, is, my, in, village.


      4.near, its, door, the.


      5.set, you, can, table, the?



      We have a new flat. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. In my own room, there is a mirror, a bed and a big closet. There is a beautiful curtain and two end tables in my parents bedroom. I love my new flat very much.

      1.There are two __________, a _________, a __________and a __________in our new flat.

      2.There is a __________,a __________and a __________in my own room.

      3.There is a __________and two __________tables in my parents bedroom.


      I 听力部分

      一、1.C.jeans 2.A.beef 3.A.window 4.C.library 5.D.mountain

      二、1.Are there any bridges in your city?

      2.Who’s your art teacher?

      3.Where’s your friend from?

      4.What’s your mother like?

      5.What do you have on Monday? (24351)

      三、1.—Hi, Chen Jie. What day is it today?

      —Today is Tuesday.(B)

      2. —What do you do on Sundays, Sarah?

      —I often play ping-pong.(C)

      3. —Hi, Mike. Do you have Chinese today?

      —No. We have Chinese on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.(B)

      4. —Hello! John. What do you have on Friday?

      —I have English, Math and Social Studies.(A)

      5. —Hi! Sarah. Let’s go and play ping-pong.

      —Oh, sorry. I often play ping-pong on Sundays. I have to do my homework today.(A)

      四、Kate is a new student. She is twelve. She is from America. Her father is a doctor. She is in a school near her home. She has classes from Monday to Friday. She loves China and her Chinese friends.(√×√√×)

      II 笔试部分



      三、1.B 2.C 3.D 4.E 5.A


      五、1. have, Friday 2.watch, on 3.like, lunch, eggplant, potatoes 4.can cook

      六、1. Can you use a computer?

      2. Come and look at my new curtains.

      3. There is a forest in my village.

      4. It’s near the door.

      5. Can you set the table?

    七、1.bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room 2.mirror, bed, closet 3.curtain, end