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    试题 时间:2018-05-12 我要投稿


      1. A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. weather


      2. A. bread B. meat C. apple D. butter

      3. A. cupboard B. desk C. window D. chair

      4. A. sunny B. rain C. cloudy D. snowy

      5. A. the B. near C. behind D. on



      1. --- Thank you very much! --- With p _______.

      2. W__________ comes after Tuesday.

      3. What do you have for b__________.

      4. This is Peters e________ life.

      5. F________ is the second month of a year.


      用at, on, to, like, for, in front of, from填空。

      1. Whats the weather _________ in Shanghai?

      2. A storm is coming _________ South China Sea.

      3. Heres the weather report __________ tomorrow.

      4. Mr. Smith has many pigs ___________ his farm.

      5. Father is cleaning his car ___________ the house.

      6. I get up _________ six oclock in the morning.

      7. We are eating dinner _________ the table.

      8. Its raining. We can watch TV _______ home.

      9. What can I do __________ you?

      10. Its five __________ twelve in the morning.


      1. Linda can swim very fast. She is a good ___________ (swim).

      2. Its late. We cant play any _________ (long).

      3. Mary is much __________ (good) today.

      4. That is a new boy. ___________ (He)name is Jack.

      5. ---- Heres your book. --- __________(Thank) a lot.

      6. Today is the _______ (nine)of June.

      7. I ________(have) a shower at this time yesterday.

      8. San was in the _________ (sit) room just now.

      9. Lucy writes __________ (carefully) than Lily.

      10. My father _________ (read)a newspaper last night.


      1. Excuse me. Wheres Shanghai Zoo?

      A. How far is B. How can I get to C. Where can I go to

      2. Which apple do you want?

      A. do you like B. would you want C. would you like

      3. You can go to Zhongshan Park on foot.

      A. walk to Zhongshan Park

      B. go to Zhongshan Park by foot

      C. go to Zhongshan Park by walk

      4. Rose and Jane are in the same class.

      A. classmates B. schoolmates C. deskmates

      5. The girl in white is Jane.

      A. has a white dress B. with a white dress C. wearing a white dress

      6. Its ten five.

      A. ten to five B. ten past five C. five past ten

      7. Where are you from?

      A. are you coming B. do you come from C. do you from

      8. --- Im hungry. Can I eat some bread? --- Certainly.

      A. Thats great. B. Sure. C. Yes, I can.

      9. The boys of our school like to play football.

      A. like playing B. to like play C. like play

      10. They had a good time at the party last Sunday.

      A. had many time B. enjoyed themselves C. had many friends with them


      1. My sister can _____ well. Shes a good ______.

      A. singing; singer B. sing; singer C. sing; singing

      2. ______ chase the ducks!

      A. Cant B. dont C. Dont

      3. ______, the music is nice!

      A. Look B. Listen C. Hear

      4. What do sheep like?

      A. They like corn. B. They like grass. C. It likes grass.

      5. - Are you _______? --- Yes, we are.

      A. postman B. postmen C. the postman

      6. It was ______ egg. Now it is a caterpillar.

      A. a B. an C. the

      7. ---- Would you like some milk? ---- _______.

      A. Yes, I like. B. No, I dont C. No, thanks

      8. ---- Excuse me, wheres Red Flag School?

      A. by B. taking C. take

      9. Its late. Lets ______.

      A. go to home B. go home C. go to the home

      10. ---- Whose desk is this? --- Its _________.

      A. Tims and Jims B. Tim and Jims C. Tim and Jim

      11. We played ______ at nine oclock in a music


      A. drum B. drums C. the drum

      12. We cant eat _____ drink in class.

      A. and B. but C. or


      1. John has lunch at school every day. (对画线部分提问)


      2. Lingling gets up at six oclock. (现在进行时)


      3. I like the small apple. (否定句)


      4. That tall man is Mr White. (对画线部分提问)


      5. What time do you go to school? (一般过去时)


      6. Its warm in spring and cool in autumn in Shanghai. (对画线部分提问)


      7. I read English every day. (对画线部分提问)


      8. Mr Black can speak very good Chinese. (对画线部分提问)




      What Am I?

      I was born (出生)in a small river. When I was young, the river was my home. I did not know my father or mother, but I had many, many brothers and sisters. I swam and played with them.

      At that time I did not look like my father or mother. I had no legs, but I had a long tail(尾巴).So I looked like a fish.

      Then my tail became shorter and shorter(变得越来越越短). And now I have four legs and a very short tail.

      I know Im going to have no tail at all soon(不久). Im going to be like my father and mother. Then Im going to jump out of the water. Im going to live on the land(陆地)and in the water too. Im going to eat a lot of insects(昆虫)--- a lot of bad insects.

      What an I?

      1. The river was my home when I was born.

      2. I had no father or mother, but I had many brothers and sisters.

      3. I was a fish when I was young.

      4. Im going to look like my father and mother.

      5. Im an insect.


      The Crow (乌鸦)and the Fox

      A crow is sitting in a big tree. She has a big piece of meat in her mouth. My babies will have a nice breakfast, she thinks.

      An old fox is looking for (寻找)his breakfast. He sees the crow and the meat. How can I get that piece of meat? he thinks.

      Good morning, Mrs Crow, says the fox very sweetly. How are you?

      But the crow doesnt say a word.

      You are very nice babies, Mrs Crow, says the fox very sweetly. How are they? May I see them?

      Still(仍然), the crow doesnt say a word.

      You are very beautiful, Mrs Crow. And you have a beautiful voice(声音)too, says the fox very, very sweetly. Will you sing a song for me?

      Mrs Crow thinks, How nice Mr Fox is! I must sing him a song. So she opens her mouth, Caw! Caw! (乌鸦的叫声) Down drops (掉下)the meat into the foxs mouth.


      1. What does the crow have in her mouth?


      2. What is the old fox looking for?


      3. The fox says Good morning to the crow. Does the crow say anything?


      4. Why does the crow open her mouth?


      5. Who gets the meat at last(最后)?



      Today is Childrens Day. Its sunny. The pupils are having an English evening on the playground. 答案:


      D C A B A


      1. pleasure 2. Wednesday 3. breakfast 4 .everyday 5. Febr

      uary 三、 1. like 2. from 3. for 4. on 5. in front of 6. at 7. at 8. at 9. for 10. to 四、 1. swimmer 2. longer 3. better 4. His 5. Thanks 6. ninth 7. had 8. sitting 9. more carefully 10. read 五、 B C A A C C B B A B 六、 B C B B B B C C B B C C 七、 1. What does John do at school every day? 2. Lingling is getting up now. 3. I dont like the small apple. 4. Which man is Mr White? 5. What time did you go to school? 6. Whats the weather like in Shanghai? 7. How often do you read English? 8. How can Mr Black speak Chinese? 八、 A: T F F T F B: 1. A piece of meat. 2. Breakfast. 3. No, she doesnt 4. Because she wants to sing a song for the fox. 5. The fox. 九、(略)